Factory in a Day

Robotization of your manual production tasks

Factory-in-a-Day is a European project that aims to make advanced robot technology accessible for small and medium companies. Check the feasibility for your site with our free QuickScan.

Are there novel robot technologies that finally allow robotization of manual production tasks at your site?

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Robotics at TU Delft

The TU Delft Robotics Institute translates high-tech research into concrete applications, witness the many successful spin-off companies. The Factory-in-a-Day project is an outstanding example. The project, funded with a European research grant of €8 mln, combines all state-of-the-art knowledge to bring robot technology within reach of small and medium enterprises.


Factory-in-a-Day project / TUDelft robotics info@factory-in-a-day.nl

About the QuickScan

Are there novel robot technologies that finally allow robotization of manual production tasks at your site? The feasibility depends on the type of products, complexity of the process, and logistic aspects. Equally important factors are the number of productive hours, speed, and variation in the objects and process. We have developed a free QuickScan to quickly assess the feasibility of robotization at your site. We analyse videos of the task, accompanied with a number of your answers to detailed questions. Completion of the form will take approximately 10 minutes. After completion, we strive to send the Quickscan report to you by email within two working days.

GreenTech Amsterdam

GreenTech stands for innovation in horticulture. This online QuickScan, offered on behalf of GreenTech, provides an excellent addition to the innovative approach. Out of all QuickScan reports, three automation cases will be selected for a free workshop. During such a two-day workshop at Demokwekerij Westland (collaboration partner TU Delft Robotics), a team of qualified robotics specialists of Delft University of Technology will perform an intensive feasibility study for the selected case, often resulting in a prototype automation solution. Start the QuickScan now >

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